coast to coast 2011

coast to coast - day 15

The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge to Beggars Bridge B&B, Glaisdale

9.81 miles 411 feet.
Start: 09:10 Finish: 12:55 Elapsed time: 3:45 Cumulative time: 90:25

Another short day today with very little up and down. After the bright sunshine of the last 2 days it came as something of a shock to find that there was low cloud and drizzle restricting visibility to less than 50 yards; so much so that I missed seeing both Young Ralph & Fat Betty and have had to add the following stock pictures.


It was shortly after missing Fat Betty that Maggie loomed up out of the mist in front of me. This was to be our last meeting before going our separate ways. Soon after, the mist lifted, it stopped raining and developed into a nice day. The route took me around the top of Great Fryup Dale and onto Glaisdale Rigg before the steady descent into the village and my B&B at Beggars Bridge.


As it had been a short walk and downhill most of the way, I arrived far too early at the Beggars Bridge B&B (7/10) but I was welcomed in and given a cup of tea and toasted tea cake. I then retired to watch more tennis on TV. The big disappointment of Glaisdale was the food served at the only village pub - The Arncliffe Arms. As I was now getting nearer to the coast, I thought that I’d have fish and chips. Whilst the fish was okay, the chips were truly appalling and seemed to have been cooked in oil or fat that was well overdue for change. They were black and greasy. As I was only here for one night there seemed little point in complaining but following walkers should be forwarned.

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