coast to coast 2011

coast to coast - day 14

Newlands House B&B, Great Broughton to The Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge

8.58 miles 1,099 feet.
Start: 09:00 Finish: 12:20 Elapsed time: 3:20 Cumulative time: 86:40

This was the shortest and easiest leg of the walk. Andrea ran me back to Clay Bank Top to pick up the route of the C2C. It was another very sunny day and was already warm as I started the walk with a brisk 350ft climb up to Urra Moor where I met Maggie taking a break after her exertions. A further 350ft of up followed to take me to the summit of Round Hill and after less than an hour the majority of the climbing was behind me. There then followed a gentle walk along the route of the disused railway line. Whilst this was easy going it became boring and if it wasn’t for the views into Farndale then it would be even more boring. I wouldn’t like to do it in the mist. There would be no chance of getting lost but the boredom factor would be greatly increased.


It was such a short walk that I took a break about half way to enjoy the views into Farndale and beyond. It wasn’t too long after that the Lion Inn came into view on the horizon with a 100ft or so climb to the hotel. As I had arrived so early, I was surprised that my room had already been prepared and I was able to dump my pack before having some lunch and then returning to watch Wimbledon on TV. My luggage arrived a couple of hours later when I was then able to have a shower and change into fresh clothes. The room at the Lion Inn was excellent and even had a double-shower/wet room; just a pity that I had no-one to share it with!

The food/drink and accommodation at the Lion was first class (8/10) and proved that the smaller hotels were infinitely more preferable to some of the B&B’s.

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