coast to coast 2011

coast to coast - day 10

Cambridge House B&B, Reeth to West End Guest House, Richmond

10.31 miles 1,384 feet.
Start: 09:30 Finish: 14:00 Elapsed time: 4:30 Cumulative time: 62:30

I awoke to pouring rain this morning and like my fellow walkers decided to have a leisurely breakfast and a delayed start to the walk. By 09:30 it had eased to a light drizzle and I set off just behind Eric & Sherry heading for Marrick and then Marske. Eric had taken a wrong turn somewhere in Marrick but they caught me up again before the end of the day. The rain stopped after about an hour and it was so warm that I had to stop to take off my coat on the climb to Applegarth Woods.

It was here that the Coast to Coasters seemed to come together as I was joined by Eric & Sherry, Tiffany & Susanne, the 4 Aussies and the couple who had I had met after they had taken the Green Route from Kirkby Stephen. We all walked together as a group into Richmond where the following pictures were taken. Tiffany is in Pink, Susanne in White and me in Black.


The West End Guest House (7/10) was on the edge of Richmond so rather than trudging into town for an evening meal, I decided to have a late lunch instead. Some walkers were taking a day out in Richmond for a rest and to explore the town so it was here that I said goodbye to the friends that I had made along the way. Personally, I didn’t need a rest day and talking to a couple of Aussies on the way into Robin Hood’s Bay, they felt that it was pretty much a wasted day which would have been better invested into breaking down one of their 20+ mile days into two shorter legs.

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